Wednesday, September 17, 2014

18 Months

I never would've thought that 18 months could go by so quickly, and be so filled with so much love and happiness.

Elise is growing into such a special little girl. She is so smart and picks up on things very easily. There's not a word out there that she doesn't try to say. People are always so amazed at how much she talks for her age. She's so polite too! She says please, thank you, your welcome, excuse me, and I sorry. Of course, they sound so incredibly cute when she says them. It melts my heart and tells me that I'm doing something right.

She had her 18 month checkup a few days ago. She weighs 24 lbs 7 oz (Allen said she's 24/7, 365! Ain't that the truth?!), she's 32" and still has her grande cabeza in the 97th percentile, haha. Right now, she is cutting her last 3 canine teeth. She's been wearing a raw baltic amber teething necklace for about 6 months and I swear it has helped. They say these teeth are the worst coming in, but they've been small potatoes compared to when she got her molars. Now THAT was awful and it's what made us look into getting the necklace in the first place. I highly recommend them! I will be soooo ready to be done with this teething business for awhile (until the 2 year molars come of course).

Elise still isn't eating dairy and at this point it's become a lifestyle change for us and we don't even miss it around here. In fact, I put cheese on a dish a few weeks ago and I thought it was disgusting. Who would've ever thought?? I do feel sad though that she won't get to enjoy ice cream on a hot summer day. But that's about it. People look at you funny when you tell them no goldfish for her or to hold the cheese. But, ya know, it's just not worth it and I think our entire family will be healthier for it in the long run. Seriously though, this kid could live on sauteed spinach, peas, and all things made from apples. I'm okay with that! The struggle that I grapple with is which milk substitute to give her. They all have so many additives and chemicals that it makes my head spin. It's infuriating actually. Particularly when it comes to carrageenan. I've become a bit of a food purist since having her. But that's a topic for another day and another blog. is one of my favorite resources leading the way on this issue if anyone is interested in becoming a neurotic foodie such as myself.

She seems to be a technology guru (like her Daddy), she can work a cell phone, remote, and iPad like nobody's business. She loves Peppa Pig and Dora the Explorer. She loves when you read to her, but only certain things for a certain amount of time; aaaaand then she gets bored, slams the book closed on your finger and says "THE END". She loves to play in her pretend kitchen and loves when you give her tasks to do. She's still mastering the whole coloring book concept. Who knew crayons were so delicious? She likes to be outside, especially playing in a sand box, and could "swing swing" all day. She can count to 10 in groups (6, 7, 8, 9, TEN!! she exclaims!) and likes to sing the ABC song. She likes singing Twinkle Twinkle Little Star and gets a kick out of Itsy Bitsy Spider and the hand movements that go with it. She likes to go up and down, up and down, up and down stairs and proudly says "Biiiiiiiig Step!".

She had her first day of preschool this week. She's doing two days a week and seems to do okay so far. I feel bad leaving her, but I know it has to happen soon, Better now than later is what I'm told, because the separation anxiety that she goes through is quite mind blowing. I don't know anyone else who has a child her age who gets as distraught as she does. I know, I know it's my fault. I've kept her with me since day one. I actually had a lady in the church nursery, where I attend a mom's group, chide me for not leaving her with more people (BACK OFF lady!) But honestly, after all we've been through, who can blame me? But I don't get into that with well meaning strangers. On her first day, I think I was actually more of a nervous wreck than she was. It felt like someone had cut off my leg for three hours. I was so exhausted by the end of the day. When I came to pick her up, she was sound asleep in her teacher's arms. But I think she had a good day, and I'm excited to see all the things that she learns and to see her blossom from this experience. It's so awesome to see her little mind working.

This child never ceases to amaze me. Sometimes I tell her that I'm going to trade her in for a billy goat; but really, I wouldn't trade her for anything in the world. She makes our hearts explode and our lives complete. I can never get enough of her. Until the next update...

A little first day of preschool meltdown as we headed out the door. Oh the drama!!

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