Friday, January 18, 2013

Getting Closer

2013 is finally here and it's so exciting to think that we'll be welcoming a new life into the world this year. I was so glad to be putting the last year behind us. Just as I suspected, once the holidays came and went, things have really started to fly by.

Allen and I both came down with the flu over Christmas. Yes, we both got the flu shot this year. Go figure. It was no fun at all and really put a damper on our Christmas plans. I was given a prescription for Tamiflu and I was very skeptical about taking it while pregnant. But since I had a fever that just wouldn't break, I knew I had to do something. That stuff worked fast. By the next day my fever was gone and within two days I felt like a new woman. Although it's been a month since I got sick, I'm just now starting to completely shake the annoying cough that I developed. Thank goodness. But as we speak, Allen has started feeling like he's getting sick again. Let's hope I don't come down with whatever it is he's getting. But usually when one of us is sick, the other is soon to follow. We shall see...

I've been working in the nursery lately and I think I've handled everything amazingly well. It didn't need much work done to it, basically just light cleaning and straightening up. Up until now it's been a time capsule of that terrible day we lost Caroline and everything baby related had just been randomly tossed in there and that's where it's stayed. The hardest part was finding the baby bag and seeing the clothes still in it for Caroline to wear while at the hospital. That took me aback more than anything. I'd forgotten how much stuff we already had. It definitely makes me feel more ready and prepared. I decided that all the clothes, sheets, and blankets should be rewashed again to freshen them up for Elise. Most importantly, the room itself has to be made into Elise's room and not Caroline's. At first I thought I wanted to completely change it and paint it, which would've been heartbreaking. But my friend Kelly had a good point when she said that it's such a perfect and beautiful room, that Caroline would've wanted her little sister to enjoy it the way it is. I really do believe that. I still want to do a few different things as far as decorating goes. Other than that, the nursery is ready for her!

We had our 32 week growth scan this week. I can't believe I'm already 32 weeks! My Mom and Dad came to this ultrasound and it was my Dad's first time ever experiencing an ultrasound. Elise was so cooperative this time! She has obvious amount of fuzzy hair. As the technician measured her head size, you could see a halo of hair. So funny! She's estimated to weigh 4lbs 11oz at this point and has a fat little belly. Everything looks pretty good so far. She's still head down, so that a good thing. Apparently I am on the high side of the normal amount of amniotic fluid. But that's better than being on the low side. That's the good news.

The bad news is that her umbilical cord is wrapped around her neck. I'm trying not to worry, but it really bothers me. Allen was beside himself after finding out about it, I know he feels so helpless. I suppose that it's because we now know there is an actual reason why we could potentially lose her. Luckily, I'm getting the Non Stress Tests twice a week and those are able to pick up on any heart deceleration's she may have due to the nuchal cord. I also have to be very diligent and aware of her movements and doing kick counts. The Dr said that if the tests pick up on her being in distress, they'll go ahead and take her out. I feel like this cord issue could be a game changer as far as delivery and whether I may end up with a c section and when. Hopefully, because I have a high amount of fluid, she'll be able to escape from the cord. I know it happens to so many babies and everything turns out fine, so I keep trying to tell myself that. But we aren't a normal situation with normal luck when it comes to these things. There's nothing we can do about it at this time though except continue with the testing we're doing and praying hard about it all. This news makes me a lot more appreciative of everyday now that she's moving and growing in me. I'm trying my best to stay positive.

I think she is an absolutely beautiful baby. I can't wait to kiss those chubby cheeks. Her little turned up button nose and those lips make me melt! I'm so ready to snuggle with her! I think it looks like her eyes are open in the one picture. You can also see the nuchal cord in the one of her face. The other picture shows how cooped up she is in there. Her face is in the top corner and her hands and feet are all up by her head. Here she is!:


  1. You've come so far! I'm so glad to see an update, and grateful your doc is watching you so closely with the cord issue. What great pics!She has loads of fuzzy hair, so cute! Thinking and praying for all three of ya'll. ~karen

    1. Thank you Karen, so good to hear from you! I've been thinking and praying for you and your family too. I hope all is going well so far.