Sunday, November 4, 2012

Many updates!

We made it through October. Thank goodness. It was a long month, but we made it through Caroline's birthday and we're doing fine. Lot's has happened since my last update!

Caroline's birthday was a very somber day for us. Allen and I took it easy around the house and just reflected on the last year. We visited her grave and told her how much we loved and missed her. My family put a birthday balloon on one of her flower arrangements. I know she would've loved it and I know she was with us. I think the day was especially hard on Allen, but for me it was just as I expected it to be. I suppose I built it up in my mind in the days and months before so much, that it wasn't too bad of a day for me. I know she was watching over us and everyone that remembered her on what would've been her first birthday.

We found out on October 15th that we're having another baby girl! We are over the moon! Most importantly, she looked perfect at our 19 week anatomy ultrasound. She's measuring right on time, exactly to the day. It's such a relief knowing that everything is progressing as it should. She is really moving and kicking in there now too. I absolutely love it. We told our family at dinner the night we found out and did an online video conference with everyone else that couldn't be there for the big gender reveal. We bought green and yellow boxes and handed them out. Then when everyone opened their box, there were pink ribbons, suckers, and rattles in there. It was so special and I'm feeling so positive about the future. We got so many pictures of her and we think she's just so beautiful. I'm amazed at how much she already looks like Caroline just from the ultrasound pictures. I can't wait to meet our baby girl. We've also FINALLY decided what her name will be. We're going to name her Elise Arabella! Elise means "God's promise" and Arabella means "prayerful". We think it is a perfect name for our baby girl!

Here she is at 19 weeks!:

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